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Awakened Gender Healing Process

We invite you to try something new and experience a deep transformational experience with us. The gender Healing session is a unique holistic method based on Buddhism psychology, Hindu Tantric school and B. Hellinger systematic approach. This workshop is designed to give you experiences to gain a deeper understanding of the energies within yourself and how they play out in your life, especially while relating with different genders. Understanding polarities is a key element in mastering our energy and life. 

In the event, we gather a balanced amount of genders. No prerequisite to attend this process. Single and couples are equally welcome. 

After connecting with each other and opening the evening, we invite you to enjoy a relaxing and healing Sound bath with Tibetan bowls and gongs. This experience will give us inner peace and clarity so that we can focus on further processes.

The session continues with the main part of the Gender Healing dialog between individuals and the field of masculine and/or feminine energy. Each participant will have an opportunity to experience their feelings towards contrary polarity and have a dialog. During this process, new discoveries and transformations are happening. We support each other on this path. 

The motive of this action is to have an awareness about masculine and feminine parts in ourselves, particular blocks and old views that we hold against. Group energy is used to increase the experience and to have the power to overcome any blocks. The initial goal is to achieve an open, warm-hearted state of acceptance of both polarities. Couples will have an opportunity to have a personal discussion after the session. 

Our blocks against both - inner masculine and feminine polarities can be the main reason for problems in the relationship and family, personally achieving financial and spiritual wealth, as well as health problems. Understanding the dance of polarities is the key to the spiritual path and balanced life. 

We invite you to learn by experience, learn from others and develop your own understanding. We are not pushing any particular approach or school. Hosts of the evening are holding a safe environment and supporting each participant. Private sessions and a self-healing process are available after the event if needed.

Feel free to attend the first demo event and to receive this experience. We are organizing this process regularly so that more and more people have the opportunity to experience it. Please, book your place as we are accepting only 10 people per session per gender. 

Donation for attendance: 60.00 GBP

If you bring another person with you or attend a second time, you get 10 GBP off your ticket price. 

We are organizing this experience a few times per month, so feel free to leave your contacts here and we will include you in the future newsletter. 







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+Sound Healing session (30 min.)

+Gender Healing Practice (approx. 3 hours)

+Concluding, talk, tea time.


What to take with you:


+Warm clothes, shawl for longer sitting on the ground

+Candles are welcomed

+Snacks for the shared table.

Who can attend:

Any age group, any gender group, any religious belief.


The use of Phones is not allowed during the session.

Attendance under the state of any substances and alcohol is prohibited.

In change if dates of the event or in case of a lack of participants, we can fully refund you or transfer your registration to the next session.

Hosts: Gunars 

Gunars - Teacher, Systemic, Family Constellations and Self-Healing Process Facilitator. More than 10 years on the spiritual path in different Buddhism, psychology, esoteric and holistic schools in Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Europe. He is offering talks and sharing experiences in various retreats and rituals, as well as giving insights into Baltic spiritual heritage.

Practically, supported 800+ people worldwide with holistic therapies and actively continuing the path. The mission is to maintain sacred methods including bodhisattva practices, ego cleansing practices, practices for harmonic body and mind, meditation and group practices. Gunars is supporting and consults retreat organizers, teachers and holistic methods practitioners in their work to maintain ethics in spirituality. Gunars works professionally in Latvian, English and Russian languages in multicultural environments.

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