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1-1 Constellation Online Session

Unravel the hidden dynamics in your family or organisation and find new paths to resolution with Constellations. This workshop offers a unique approach to problem-solving, using a physical representation of your system to explore underlying tensions, conflicts, and emotions.


Constellation work is a therapeutic method that originated in Africa (Zulu Tribe) and developed in Germany. Designed to help individuals explore and resolve complex personal, family, or organisational issues. This approach is based on the idea that families and businesses are complex systems and that any issue affecting one individual in the system can impact the whole system.


In a Constellation session, the client presents an issue or problem to the facilitator, who then asks the client to select objects to represent family members or other relevant parties. The client places these objects in relation to one another to create a physical representation, or "constellation," of the issue at hand.


Through this physical representation, the facilitator guides the client and representatives to explore and identify underlying dynamics and emotions that may be contributing to the issue. The facilitator may also channel messages about the karmic records and spiritual lessons hidden in the problem. 


The process is held in a very safe and confidential environment.

Some of the benefits of participating in a Constellation online session:

- You will gain a deeper understanding of a particular issue and its origins.

- You will release any emotional blockages that are holding you back.

- You will find new and creative solutions to your problems.

- You will feel more connected to yourself and others.

- You will experience a sense of peace and well-being.

Book a time by pressing the button below and contacting us by phone. All sessions are done over Zoom or WhatsApp platforms. The suggested Donation for the session is from 50 GBP per hour. 

Constellation session is an extraordinary and unforgettable experience that helps to change the way we see things. Constellations is an adequate transcultural intervention method to contribute to healing, therapeutic work and understanding of systemic family constructs across cultures.

To book a session, please call or write to us.

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