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Self-Healing Therapy

Self-Healing therapy is a method based on understanding that only each human can heal him/herself and that our main state of life is the state of unity. This holistic approach is needed to professionally support any individual in sustainable growth. 


What happens?

  • Our human aspect is supported to reconnect to higher-self. 

  • By having a discussion or meditation together, a safe environment is being made, and by being here and now, the self-healing process happens. 

  • Faster learning, learning (extracting wisdom) from the experience. 

  • Emotional cleansing/release. 

  • Clearly feel and see the path ahead. 

  • Practicing open heart.


Possible questions?

  • Lack of energy and motivation 

  • Deep emotional trauma 

  • Feeling of karmic questions and lack of awareness of solutions. 

  • Lack of grounding in case of active spiritual development. 

  • Family issues.

  • Removing past and future blocks and false beliefs.

  • Support in skillful states and faculties of spiritual practice. 

  • Effects of mixing spiritual practices. 

  • Etc.  


There can be different methods used during the session, as we are not promoting a single method. No matter if human understanding of the world is science-based, esoteric or religious, we use universal methods to overcome issues/questions opened by our human aspect. Creative adaptations of spiritual teachings are used for the purpose of deepening spiritual understanding, contemplation, meditation, healing, devotion, internal stillness and relaxation.


Methods can include:

  • Meditation together with a teacher. 

  • Discussion

  • A systematic approach (B. Hellinger approach)

  • Body healing by massage

  • Contemplation of Spiritual literature. 

The key factor for a successful self-healing process is the wish/value to change and grow, honesty, openness to the process, wish to learn and change a life. 

Therapy can be conducted over an online platform or face-to-face at our center or client's location. 


Therapy is based on donation and can be agreed upon before the session. Traditionally teachings and support are given freely because they are priceless. In the spiritual path, one practices generosity by making monetary offerings. This generosity is not payment for goods or services rendered; it is an offering given freely from the heart in appreciation of the support. 


In our profession words are just indicators to the truth. To the feeling. Through being here and now, through opening the heart and seeing clearly, human can experience self-healing. There is a great opportunity to work with the esoteric path and ask the help from other realms, there is an opportunity to work in very clear energy through the understanding of the nature of the mind and Universe. Both paths are taking us to the same state - a state of a calm, clear, peaceful heart. So that the person can use self-healing and the right view to life by himself, its important to learn and practice. So that we offer to learn by experiencing. Our methods include a holistic approach and are very grounded. We share only what you can obtain. 


We follow a clear approach of non-sectarian, non-religious methods. We are not demanding any following to the teacher or brand. We offer the opportunity to join practices and meditations. All the methods and materials used are available to everyone. 


The session is facilitated by: 



Teacher, healer, guide. 

More than 10 years on the spiritual path in different Buddhism, psychology, esoteric and holistic schools in Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Europe. He is offering talks and sharing experiences in various retreats and rituals, as well as giving insights into Baltic spiritual heritage.  

Practically, supported 800+ people worldwide with holistic therapies and actively continuing the path. The mission is to maintain and combine sacred spaces - pirts (sauna), bonfires, and nature places with sacred methods including bodhisattva practices, ego cleansing practices, practices for harmonic body and mind, meditation and group practices. Gunars is supporting and consults retreat organizers, teachers and holistic methods practitioners in their work to maintain ethics in spirituality. Gunars works professionally in Latvian, English and Russian languages in multicultural environments.

To book a session, please call or use form below.


Thank you for the booking. We will contact you soon to schedule a session.

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