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Welcome to the home of wisdom, meditation and healing.
We invite you into our monastery-like temple of wisdom and aim to empower you on a journey of self-discovery and healing into your own inner temple. We offer grounding in the knowing that all humans are living this experience on earth to walk the path of awakening and wash ourselves of our Karma to unlock the gifts of our Dharma (Wisdom).

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Wings to Awakening bridges the stream of consciousness between east and west, creating pathways to understanding divine teachings from the grand masters of wisdom and God consciousness, calling on these teachings and rooting into the practical applications in our everyday lives in an environment of love, wisdom and healing, in a Monastery-like temple.
We operate a Dharma Centre, a place for transformation and healing, supporting you to root into your truth, accessing your innate wisdom and practically take action to walk the path of enlightenment, losing the false (ego) self, all whilst being under the protection and safety within this spiritual refuge.
We work with a non-religious, non-sectarian approach. Supporters of Wings to Awakening events and healing sessions have a desire to learn more about inner light, ego, deep consciousness practices, and healing. They are clear about the path to healing and seek to take that journey.
Wings to Awakening draws from the crystalline energy of consciousness which is ancient in its form and has been an energy of earth for millennia, represented by great eternal masters such as Guru Rinpoche.
We aim to promote an understanding of the illusion of the Kali Yuga (‘The age of darkness’) and work to stabilize the mind and spirit within these times, whilst nurturing a sacred space to take this journey within.


What we offer:


Alternative Medicine Clinic – connecting science and ancient healing methods. Our main goal is to serve those who have deeply rooted issues and require support to understand and release their karma to reduce suffering. This is offered through 1-2-1 healing sessions, to read more about this click here.


Sanga (Community) – holding loving and supporting events in various locations for the community.


Dharma Centre – online and in-person meditations, exploring the deep layers of meditation from mindfulness through to deep insightful meditations. From simple Pranayama (breathe regulation) to Anapana (Observation), down to Insight Meditations, we support all levels of consciousness and stages of personal development.


Dharma projects (Service/Charity) – We aim to develop our service to charitable causes and are committed to being of service to the community and those in need.


​​Our Founder

Our Founder Gunar, is a teacher, healer and guide who has been guided throughout his life receiving many signs to bring forth into reality a school of wisdom. With gratitude and respect, Gunar created Wings to Awakening to be a place for spiritual enlightenment and awakening through the practical application of divine teachings.
Gunar has been journeying this spiritual path for more than 15 years covering topics such as Buddhism, psychology, esoterism and studied at various holistic schools in Japan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Latvia and Europe.
He offers a container to hold safe space for exploration of topics and themes distressing the human mind, and guides you to find the answers within. He has supported over 1000 people with holistic therapies and actively walks on this mission to maintain and combine sacred spaces with sacred methods such as bodhisattva practices, ego cleansing practices, practices for harmonic body and mind, mediation and group practices.
Gunar also supports and consults retreat organisers, teachers and holistic method practitioners in their work to maintain ethics in spirituality. Gunar works professionally in Latvian, English and Russian languages in multicultural environments.


Our Team

To access our offerings of holistic healing bodywork therapy, well-being assessments, meditation sessions, systemic constellation work and much more please click below

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