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Gunar (Bodhisattva)


BIO-WELL Health Assessment (Level1)

Holistic Therapist 

Certified Coach (BCC)

Certified Numerology Master (JPC)

Energetic Massage Professional 

Holistic and SPA Treatment Professional

Constellation Professional (B. Hellingers Institute)

Clairvoyance Training (1 Level)

Tai Chi Professional (8 years training)

Healer Training 

Meditation Training (Theravada Buddhist School)

Meditation Training (Kagyu lineage, THRANGU TASHI YANGTSE MONASTERY)

Emotional Intelligence Trainer (Daniel Goleman School)

Vipassana Practioner (S. N. Goenka Lineage)

Guru Yoga Practioner (Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Lineage) 

Fire ritual (Puja) Initation and Training (Latvian Shamann)

Toltec Initiation and Training (Théun Mares school)

Teacher by heart and with a great passion for sharing.

More than 10 years on the spiritual path in different Buddhism, psychology, esoteric and holistic schools in Japan, Nepal, Thailand and Europe. He is offering talks and sharing experiences in various retreats and rituals, as well as giving insights into Baltic spiritual heritage.  

Practically, supported 800+ people worldwide with holistic therapies and actively continuing the path. The mission is to maintain and combine sacred spaces - pirts (sauna), bonfires, and nature places with sacred methods including bodhisattva practices, ego cleansing practices, practices for harmonic body and mind, meditation and group practices. Gunar supports and consults retreat organizers, teachers and holistic methods practitioners in their work to maintain ethics in spirituality. Gunars works professionally in Latvian, English and Russian languages in multicultural environments.

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