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Wisdom + Science

At Wings to Awakening, we use the Bio-well device along with teachings from holistic therapist Gunar Om and other professionals to connect the fields of body science, mind science, and soul. The wisdom, knowledge, and experience gained help us not only understand theories but also draw new conclusions about how the mind influences the body, how our state affects illnesses, and how, with the power of soul consciousness and healing modalities, we can overcome these challenges. Below, you'll find information about the science behind the bio-well device.

If you are interested in using the device or applying karma medicine and holistic healing, please contact us to be invited to our special workshops. You can also take advantage of the opportunity to book your own session and experience the benefits of this wisdom and scientific knowledge.

WTA Reconnective Healing practitioners can help you access emotions, identify subconscious blocks, support personal self-integration, provide hands-on/off healing, conduct forgiveness work through Time Line Therapy, perform esoteric numerology, and do biofield tuning with crystals, sound therapy, and prayers.


Scientific Background The Bio-Well instrument is based on the achievements of the Quantum Electro-photonic Imaging (EPI) GDV technique – innovative Russian technology developed in 1995 by Professor Korotkov ’s group. The Electrophotonic Imaging Camera (EPI) instrument , based on Gas Discharge Visualization analysis , is a state-of-the-art computerized system to study human energy fields. Using the Kirlian effect, this technique goes far beyond traditional Kirlian photography in many ways . The EPI system allows for direct, real-time viewing and analysis of changes in the energy field of humans and other organisms . The information gathered is quantified and analyzed by sophisticated software. This technology has extraordinary implications for all health related fields, including conventional and complementary medicine.. Research with the EPI device is currently being carried out at universities and research institutes worldwide in such areas, as medicine, "energy medicine", athletic training, biophysics, parapsychology , as well as other areas. Newly developed is an application of EPI for Remote Detection of Human Emotions named “EPI Sputnik.” EPI has been used as the basis for significant research and always , in each instance , the reliability and value of the entire system has been confirmed.

• The EPI system has been presented at the USA National Institutes of Health to an audience of 27 world-class scientific investigators participating with Dr. Wisneski and Dr. Korotkov. This represented a diverse group of recognized experts from the US government and academic institutions.

• A Penn State study was conducted by scientists from the National Institutes on Aging, which validated that EPI could be used in high volume venues and accurately offer a consumer-friendly assessment of health status. • EPI has also been the basis of graduate doctoral dissertations in various countries, which included research both in medical and technical fields.

• During the last 20 years , Dr. Korotkov has hosted a series of annual international scientific congresses in Russia in which scientists from 46 countries have participated and presented their research outcomes in a variety of research venues, utilizing EPI protocols, including some significant studies involving early cancer diagnosis. • The meta-analysis of papers published in English or Russian language from 2003 to 2015 was presented in the book by E. Jakovleva and K. Korotkov “Electrophotonic Analysis in Medicine”available at, Konstantin. The Energy of Health)

Monitoring Energy Reactions as we’ve seen above with the Bio -Well instrument, it is possible to follow up transformations of the Energy Field in the process of treatment, exercise, meditation or any other activity. You may also test different substances – food, medications, etc.

What does the Bio-Well Instrument Measure in Physical Terms?

The Bio-Well instrument is based on the stimulation of photon and electron emissions from the surface of the object. The stimulation is provided by transmitting short 10 mcs electrical pulses of high voltage 4000V, but with very low current (several micro Amperes). The USB port of the computer, which has the low current output of 5V, provides the Bio-Well power. In other words, when the object is placed in an electromagnetic field, it is primarily electrons and to a certain degree photons, which are ‘extracted’ from the surface of the object. This process is called ‘stimulated photon and electron emissions’ and it has been thoroughly studied using physical methods. The emitted particles accelerate in the electromagnetic field, generating electronic avalanches on the surface of the dielectric (glass) plate. This process is called ‘sliding gas discharge.’ This is a type of cold plasma. Plasma causes glow from the excitement of molecules in the surrounding gas, and this glow is what the Bio-Well instrument is measuring. Voltage pulses stimulate optoelectronic emission, while intensifying this emission in the gas discharge (plasma), generated by the electric field created.

Primarily, the Bio-Well analysis is a part of the predictive medicine line. The task of this line is not to treat symptoms of any medical problems, but to prevent health abnormalities at an early stage by recommending the necessary counter-measures to the patient to overcome possible problems.

Basic concepts

First of all, let us introduce the basic concepts.  The state of human health —overall functional (energetic) state of a person and functional (energetic) state of systems and organs, plus psycho-emotional balance—is always taken at a specific moment in time. An assessment of health and the patient ’s functional and psycho emotional state is based on a specialist ’s conclusions regarding the bio-gram analysis. The Bio -Well system is a tool that does not provide any conclusions and does not form an automatic diagnosis . It produces only numeric values and visual images, which can be interpreted by a trained expert in any way. Only an authorized expert can make conclusion and diagnosis. Accurate assessment and conclusions can be done in 75–80% of cases.
The system is not a medical instrument. It is not designed to diagnose any specific disease.  It is very effective in detecting functional weaknesses within the body that need to be reviewed and further investigated by medical professionals.


In 1995, our group developed the first GDV device. The term “Gas Discharge Visualization Technique – GDV” we coined at the end of the last century during our series of studies regarding the Kirlian effect. GDV reflects the physical nature of the processes of registration of the glow emitted by objects of different nature in electromagnetic fields of high intensity. In recent years, the term “Electrophotonic Imaging–EPI” — more harmonious to Western ears — has been introduced. Today, we have improved qualities 

in our new lines of GDV devices. First of all, the Bio-Well program is an opportunity to generate constant software updates, and, with one click of the mouse, distribute new updates to thousands of users. We are continually generating new ideas which are periodically translated into new programs. In particular, the Bio-Well program is now operating in 13 languages, and the list is constantly expanding.

Secondly, it provides the possibility to calibrate devices, allowing all devices in the world to obtain comparable parameters. For the older GDV devices, this was not always possible, and led to a mass of incorrectly recorded data. 

Primarily, the Bio-Well analysis is a part of the predictive medicine line. The task of this line is not to treat symptoms of any medical problems, but to prevent health abnormalities at an early stage by recommending the necessary counter-measures to the patient to overcome possible problems. As a rule, this requires a significant change in one’s attitude to life, the nature of food supplementation, and regular physical activity. Not all people are prepared for it, but those who follow the recommendations usually make fairly rapid progress. So the purpose of the Bio-Well analysis is not just to generate a report, but to make insightful recommendations, which may help improve the lifestyle and health of the patient. Secondly, we emphasize that the effectiveness of the analysis does not exceed 80%, as in 20% of cases, the information received does not correlate with the actual state and does not allow for the formulation of any conclusions. Basically, it refers to complex issues, such as oncology and autoimmune diseases. Only complicated mathematical algorithms based on clinical data, allow us to formulate some conclusions in these cases. For example, in the works under the direction of Dr. Ekaterina Yakovleva at the Russian National Research Medical University in Moscow, methods were developed to detect colon cancer and hypertension in the early stages. In either case, the sensitivity was assessed at about eighty percent. Such a result is estimated in medicine as very good. As a rare method (except for colonoscopy or open surgery), it allows a higher percentage for obtaining the accuracy of the analysis. So one should not worry if, in some cases, one’s Bio-Well analysis does not reflect the true situation—human nature is very complicated and modern science still does not fully understand its functioning.

Example of report you will get

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 15.00.36.png

Case studies

Gender M, age 34  Bio-Well analysis
Stress - 2.61 normal
Energy - 60.91 normal Balance - 99.77 normal Health status - normal, little decreased – indication of tiredness Energy reserve Balance
46% optimal
Misbalance in 8 organs
Organs Energy Pancreas Energy is low
Adrenal energy is low Urino
-genital energy is low 
Fingers Bio-grams are good-looking  
Conclusions: This apparently healthy person is in a condition of permanent stress, which influences the activity of his adrenals and endocrine system, digestive tract, spine and nervous system. The young male may tolerate this situation for a long time, but ultimately, it will compromise the functional state of the target systems. Notice the influence of the low Health status and subsequent misbalance in 8 organs. Correction and support on 4 main quadrants is needed.

Screenshot 2024-07-07 at 15.05.23.png

Case study 2

Gender F, age 47

Diagnosis: Many health complaints, diabetes 2 type, hypertension, liver and thyroid problems.

Bio-Well analysis

Data was taken twice with difference of 5 days. There is a shift in the Chakras and stress levels, but Diagrams are repeatable. This confirms the conclusion of the instability of the nervous system and its strong influence on physiology.

Stress 23.57 & 5.03 high Energy 52 & 54 normal

Balance 94.79 normal &86.84 low Health status Low

Energy reserve 7% low, Star-like, excess in thyroid, respiratory system, urino-genital, liver Balance Misbalance in 17 organs Yin-Yang in the first readings Yin of Pericardium energy is low Yang of large intestine energy is low Yang of Gallbladder energy is low In the second reading Yin-Yang is abnormal in most meridians Organs’ Energy Energy of many organs and systems is low— much worse in the second reading Fingers Bio-grams have many aggressive signs, similar in both readings.


Conclusions: Strong permanent stress effects on adrenals; many areas of chronic inflammation, chronic infection, blood sugar deregulation and nutrient deficiencies that wax and wane and never resolve. Each of these stress factors contributes to the primary stress input within the adrenal glands. In response, the adrenals increase their output of stress hormones to address the increased demand. This only works for a period of approximately 24–30 months, at which time the adrenal output is gradually reduced. Stress is the total input of all physical and emotional factors detox or maintenance of abnormal blood sugar —all require adrenal involvement. Stress is accumulative: it is not how long you are on the planet, it is how much baggage you carry while you are here. When in a state of adrenal depletion (exhaustion) with minimal output of stress hormones, the body creates the stress hormones it needs by converting sex hormones to stress hormones. Progesterone is nearly identical in structure to cortisol and can be easily converted and used in place of cortisol. Oestrogen and testosterone can be converted and used as DHEA. This patient needs psychological support and a long complex treatment.

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