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 Wellbeing assessment project

Dear fellow travellers, community members and friends, 

We are reaching out for support for our mission. After a productive year of using bio-well for holistic healing and well-being assessments and teachings, we have reached a crucial point where we need your help to take our offerings to the next level. 
Recently, we lost one bio-well device and have been offered the opportunity to acquire the new version of bio-well. Additionally, several yoga studios in London and clients across Europe have expressed interest in collaborating with us to expand our approach using a combination of science and wisdom. To facilitate this expansion, we are announcing the Well-being Assessment Project and inviting everyone to support us through donations or by purchasing their own personal well-being assessment. We also encourage you to gift this to your friends and family. 
We kindly ask for your support in training new professionals and making the well-being assessment with biowell more accessible to people by helping us acquire new devices. We have already invested significantly and believe that this expansion will benefit many more individuals. We are excited to create additional content for people to learn about the mind-body-spirit connection, well-being and view case studies, which can be found on our learning site. 
Any support or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.
With love,
Gunar & Team


We intend to buy at least 1 device with the necessary tools. 

Our order includes:

  • Device: 2299 USD

  • Tax & Delivery: 482,79 USD

  • Filters: 24 USD

  • Insurance: 82 USD


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Current status


300 USD

Funds raised



Pre-paid assessment purchase

Learn about BIO-WELL

Visit our learning page to dive deep into the technical aspect.

What people receive?

  • Professional Consultation

  • Detailed PDF report (see example here)

  • Audio file for meditation 

  • Access to support materials for well-being


“I finally managed to feel the correlation between chakras theory and real life. Gunar so professionaly guided me through the session and I got all the answers I need. Thank you so much."


"It me gave more insights than I expected and now I have a clear road map for my well-being"


“I did my assessment in January and second assessment in May. I was happy to see my progress and the results of my work with meditation and therapy. I will continue my work and come to my next assessment. Thank you”


About assessment

Bio-well is an assessment device which measures the photonic discharge levels from fingertips and translates them onto the overall bio-energy state of the organism. It is an amazing device that in a couple of minutes can give us insight into the stress levels of the organism, the relationship between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system as well as the energy levels and balance within different organ networks. It is based on the traditional Chinese Medicine system and can show the energy levels across meridian networks as well as the chakra alignment and organ coherence.

It is a very accurate device to assess persons' well-being levels as well as track their progress throughout the therapy.

Bio-well measurements are a quick and non-invasive method of understanding the inner energetic processes. They can easily show where there is depletion or excess energy. Assessments couple really well with Kinesiology, Crystal, Massage and Meditation sessions which can be informed by the findings of the device to offer more effective treatments. They can also show the effectiveness of treatments as the changes may not always be apparent at first.

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